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ProfLT 10.0:

  • Entities that define the profiles may be copied or inserted into another drawing without wasting links between entities.
  • It was introduced the possibility of scaling the distances from profiles in order to eliminate the linear deformation of the map projection.
  • Points are regenerated when changing the plan scale.
  • Now the entities that have extruding defined, entities to which have been applied 3D rotations, 3D alignments, etc. are correctly interpreted.
  • No more lost items tables when there is no assigned file.
  • It has been introduced the possibility to choose separation character for CSV files.


ProfLT 10.1

  • Adapted to work on Windows 64 bit, AutoCAD 2010 and 2011 versions on 64 bit.


ProfLT 10.2

  • The files used for configuration are also searched on the path were the program is installed.


ProfLT 10.2.1

  • Possibility to choose attributes for length scale and elevation scale for the page title block.
  • Fixed one error which occured in drawing longitudinal profiles when they were divided. For the resulting longitudinal profiles the text settings were not correct.


ProfLT 10.2.2

  • Fixed one error about incorrect drawing longitudinal profiles with the reference elevation entered by the user.


ProfLT 10.3

  • Adapted to work on BricsCAD V11.2.3.
  • Improvements made for operating in program's tables.
  • Fixed that occurred at profiles positioning in page when profiles overdrew the available space from page.


ProfLT 10.4

  • Adaptation for AutoCAD 2013, BricsCAD V12, CADian 2011, ProgeCAD 2011 and ZwCAD 2012.
  • It was introduced the possibility to draw empty rows in the profiles tables.
  • At the additional rows it is possible to choose the way to generate the vertical lines that mark the texts.
  • For the rows with vertically written texts it was introduced the possibility to arrange text to avoid overlapping.
  • It was introduced the CalcDcl command to calculate and draw polyline gradients in row.
  • CalcZ command was improved, now you can choose also points to calculate projected heights, also you can avoid the overlapping of the texts.
  • For rows calculated with CalcZ and CalcDcl commands you can choose at configuration the text height and width.
  • For longitudinal profiles that contain objects it was introduced the possibility to draw or not the elevation and the height of the object and also the elevation of the object bottom.
  • Now the codes that contain "+" character are accepted.
  • It was removed an error that occurs when the points from profile have negative heights which means the profiles are incorrectly drawn.


ProfLT 10.5

  • Adaptation for BricsCAD V13.


ProfLT 11.0

  • Adaptation for ZwCAD+ 2012, 2014, BricsCAD V14 and for AutoCAD 2014.

ProfLT 11.2

  • Adaptation for ZwCAD+ 2015, BricsCAD V15 and for AutoCAD 2015.

ProfLT 11.3

  • Adaptation for ZwCAD+ 2015 SP1;
  • When saving configuration in file now the files associated to configuration are also saved, respectively the files with rows, codes, layers and lines.

ProfLT 11.4

    • Adaptation for BricsCAD V16.2;
    • Adaptation for Windows 10.

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