New versions 10.1 for TopoLT & ProfLT applications and new version 1.1 for TransLT!

Some of the new features introduced in ProfLT and TopoLT:

  • Adapted to work on Windows 64 bit, AutoCAD 2010 and 2011 versions on 64 bit.
  • In TopoLT was introduced a new command to restore the links of a parcel with its definition texts.
  • Also in TopoLT was introduced the possibility to draw polygons, paths or points in Google Earth with the assistance of the software TransLT.

In the new version TransLT 1.1 we introduced the following:

  • The possiblity to draw polygons, paths or points in Google Earth.
  • The software was adapted for TopoLT to draw entities from AutoCAD or IntelliCAD in Google Earth.
  • The option to reverse the colums in the table containing the input data from “Transformations in steps” section.
  • Lines with information (lines that do not represent coordinates) from coordinates files are ignored in the calculation of tables.
  • Fixed an error regarding the incorrect saving of coordinates from table with output data from section “Transformation in steps” in the case of geographic coordinates.

The customers who acquired the 9.0 and 10.0 cand download and install for free the new versions.

Download for free the new versions and test for 30 days.