New versions 10.2 for TopoLT&ProfLT and new version 1.2.1 for TransLT

Some of the new features introduced in version 10.2 for ProfLT and TopoLT:

  • The files used for configuration are also searched on the path were the program is installed;
  • When using command PUR, if errors occur when calculating polylines areas then through redialing the command errors are avoided. Errors are determined by the way command AREA functions in AutoCAD 2011 in the case of polylines that contain curves that intersect each other.
  • Changing command GEdraw to work properly with TransLT 1.2.


In the new versions TransLT 1.2 and 1.2.1 were introduced new functions and some functions were improved:

  • It was introduced the possibility to upload or download, through internet, transformation models from the database kept on Uploading or downloading the models can be also done directly from TransLT Models page.
  • Files with extension .mtr containing transformation models can de opened directly from Windows Explorer.
  • It was changed the format of files .mtr, files with the precedent format are still accepted.
  • The constant coefficients used at oblique stereographic projection are now used when introducing projection parameters. In precedent versions those were introduced at general options and when using this projection several times with different sets of constant coefficients it was not possible to do the differentiation.
  • Drawings for Google Earth can also be saved in a format compressed with the extension kmz.
  • For graphical entities that are drawn in Google Earth there is possible to introduce additional information (including a link to a web page) that will be posted in the description balloon of the entity from Google Earth.
  • It was introduced the possibility to choose the order of geographic coordinates (φ, λ) from tables and files.
  • Transformation accuracy has been added to the model transformation properties and in the database on the Internet.
  • At reading information from the EPSG database were added the following information: CRS Scope, Remarks and Information Source.
  • It was added the possibility to copy the displayed informations about one CRS or about an operation with coordinates.
  • In the Google Earth drawing window was added the opportunity to reverse the coordinates from table.
  • Remove error at reading negative angles of the form -0°00’1.0″.
  • Remove error at reading geographic coordinates with sign N,E,S,W from .txt files.