Command line: detas

Description: detach an area from a polyline or circle

TopoLT toolbar:

Menu: TopoLT Areas Detach an area


Detachments are made from polylines or circles. Polylines can contain arcs too.

Detachment can be done by breaking polyline in two polylines or by creating a new polyline. These settings can be realized with command TopoCfg section Areas.


Examples for detachments realization:


1. Parallel detachment to one side:


2. Parallel detachment to one direction:


3. Perpendicular detachment:


4. Proportional detachment:


5. Detachment through an obliged point:


6. Detachment with obliged opening:


7. Detachment by translating the selected sides in one direction:


8. Detachment by equidistant parallelism to the selected sides: