Command line: DrawGeoRef

Description: draws georeferenced images from a folder

TopoLT toolbar:

Menu: TopoLT Images Draws georeferenced images


Using this command you can draw georeferenced images from a directory using the following selection criteria:

1.   "Zone" - a rectangle selected by two diagonally opposite points;

2.   "Polyline" - an existing polyline in the drawing;

3.   "All" - all images identified in the selected directory and in all its subdirectories if the option "Include subdirectories" is checked.

Note: The polyline can be pre-selected before applying the command to avoid querying about the selected area.


In the "Select images" window you have the possibility to choose the path where the raster images will be searched, whether subdirectories are included or not and you can select the extensions of the searched files.

In the case of using the "Zone" search criterion or the "Polyline" search criterion, then from all the files identified on the selected path, only those that comply with the selected graphic identification type will be checked. In the case of using the search criterion "All", all identified files will be checked.

For the selected zone or for a polyline that has the shape of a rectangle, you can create ImageClip on the selected rectangle for the images that will be drawn.

At the same time, you can manually select the files you want to draw regardless of the selected zone.

When drawing, the images that are already in the drawing are repositioned according to the georeferencing data and those that are not in the drawing are first inserted and then positioned according to the georeferencing data.


Note: To return to the previous situation, use the Undo command of the CAD program, the Uimg command does not return to the previous images.