Configuration Plan layout

In this section you can set plans layouts drawing mode by using printer driver parameters.


Plans layouts can be drawn in different paper formats (A2, A3, A4, Letter, etc.) but only for formats that are supported by printers installed in Windows. Program TopoLT designs plan layout considering printer possibilities. So program TopoLT determines printer printable area for a specific paper format, printable area that is established by technical capabilities of the printer. Plan layout border will be always positioned inside printable area also considering half of border polyline width.

Printable area given by left, right, top and bottom margins is determined as being the exact space in which selected printer can print. Nevertheless printable area is diminished by the CAD program with submilimetrical values. To correlate printing area with CAD program printing dimensions you can introduce manually the adjustment value. Generally, this value is 0.01965 inch.

To understand the way a plan layout is made and how is it framed in printable area program offers a draw that views plan layout and a legend.

When drawing a plan layout you can insert s block with or without attributes, block that contains cartouche with informations about plan. Block can be inserted in one of border corner. If block contains attributes then when inserting it will be requested for editing these attributes too. Name of cartouche block that contains informations about plan must be in one of the folders on which searching was done from CAD program. We recommend this folder to be in the same path like program TopoLT.

The name of attribute used for plan layout number is the attribute that can be changed when a plan layout is loaded by using NrPlan or PrnPlan command. Attribute can be from any .dwg block but the condition is it to exist in that block. This attribute is useful if you want the plan layout number to be in plan layout cartouche.

The attribute block used to identify the objects in the VIEW of the layout is used to complete a text in the layout with the numbers or names of some objects, for example to fill in the numbers of the cadastral sectors that are in the layout, when the NrPlan or PrnPlan command is used . The blocks with this name are searched inside the VIEW to retrieve from the first attribute the number of the object with which the text with the layout objects will be completed. If two or more objects are identified then the texts will be sorted and concatenated using the comma character as separator.