Command line: DrPln

Description: draw plan layouts with multiple formats

TopoLT toolbar:

Menu: TopoLT Plan layout Draw plan layouts


With the help of this command you can draw plan layouts for three types, namely:

  1. Plan associated with a printer, the description of parameters about plan layout realization mode you can find at Configuration Plan layout. To change these parameters use command OPln;
  2. Plan layout with a format that can be extracted from a table in which the dimensions of the plan layouts can be saved;
  3. Multiple borders to fill an area with maps, for example for drawing the maps of an administrative territory for the lands located outside the village or inside the village. When drawing is complete, the drawn borders and texts are selected to be used by another command, for example the CJ command to draw graticules in all borders.


The border is drawn on the layer that has the PLAN association. The corners of the paper, the corners with the printing area and the layouts numbers are drawn on the layer that has the PAGE association. You can associate layers with the EditLay command. It is recommended that for the PAGE association the assigned layer be set as non-printable.


Drawings may contain:

    paper corners with dimension conform to paper format of used printer;

    printable area corners drawn with red;

    plan layout border;

    block .dwg that represents plan layout cartouche, cartouche can be eliminated if block is not defined.