Command line: InsVx

Description: insert vertex to a polyiline or to a line

TopoLT toolbar:

Menu: TopoLT Useful Insert vertex


Using this command you can insert new vertexes for polylines or lines. For lines the line is transformed in polyline and then a new vertex is inserted.

There are accepted only normal and 3D polylines. Selection can only be made on a linear segment of polyline.

Function is useful in case there are points missing from a polyline and you want to add them. For example, it is possible a point code to be wrong and after using the function of points joining JoinPct to realize that you have to insert a new vertex for the missing point. Or for example you have 3 points joined for a construction, the forth is missing and polyline is not closed. In this case close polyline after which use this command and insert the forth point.