Command line: formplns

           Description: make and save Views with plans

       TopoLT toolbar:

           Menu: TopoLT » Plan layout » Make Views with plans


This command is useful to quick load plans layouts for printing, making unnecessary its cutting, separated arrangement, moving parts from drawing and by this changing drawing’s coordinates and so in other way putting changing measured points’ coordinates.

In order to form Views with plans layouts, or profiles, or whatever you wish to call them, you will draw rectangles (the most correct way to draw polylines is with command RECTANGLE, pointing from upper left corner to lower right corner) after which these will be selected in order. The rotation of these rectangles can be done respecting the following condition: the bottom segment of the horizontally drawn rectangle will always be positioned at the bottom of the ViewPort.

Views that will be saved will have names as Plan1, Plan2, Plan3 … or Profile1, Profile2, Profile3…

After these Views were saved you will draw plan layout (border, cartouche, legend, etc.) in PAPERSPACE and one or more viewports (holes in paper space) accordingly to desired visualization only with Plan or with Plan and Profile. Viewport must have the same dimensions as rectangle that had been used to save the view.

To be able to load plan layout number too in the drawing from PAPERSPACE that defines plan you can insert an attributes block (for example, the whole cartouche) that has to contain an attribute whose name is defined in Configuration – Plan layout. Inserted block can have several attributes but one of them must have the same name as the name introduced at configuration by command TopoCfg section Plan layout.

To load a plan layout in the drawing created in PAPERSPACE use command NrPlan.


The following is an example about forming and saving Views with linked plans.