Command line: nrplan

           Description: load plan layout number…

       TopoLT toolbar:

           Menu: TopoLT » Plan layout » Load plan layout number…


By applying this command you can load in viewports (holes left in paper space) saved Views with plans layouts.

This command functions only in PAPERSPACE meaning TILEMODE=0.

To load plans, profiles, etc. saved with command FormPlns it will demand to select Viewport allocated for PLAN, Viewport allocated for PROFILE, etc., the attribute block containing the attribute referring to the number of the plan layout and the text assigned to the objects. The block with attributes as well as the text assigned to the objects are required only if their identification names were set during the configuration. Modification of these settings can be done using the TopoCfg command – Plan Layout Section. You can find more information on how to use the plan layout completion options in the Plan Layout Section.


If you do not want the Viewport border to be visible at plotting then you can close layer on which Viewport was defined or you can set the layer as unprintable.


An example about loading two Views (PLAN and PROFILE) linked with example from command FormPlns is described in the following figure.