Command line: mdetas

Description: detach areas from a polyline or circle

TopoLT toolbar:

Menu: TopoLT Areas Multiple detachment


Detachment is realized for several parcels at once, function being useful to realize parcelar plans. Description of detachment methods can be found at command Detas.

Both introducing and changing areas can be done in the table with areas for multiple detachments. The last used areas will be always saved. At the next appealing of this command you will find the last introduced areas.

In the table with areas you have the possibility to save introduced data in a file or to take data from a file.

Data can be introduced in table also by copying them from another table (Excel, Word, etc.) or from a text file that uses characters <Tab>, <Space>, <;> or <,>, with Ctrl+C to "Copy" and Ctrl+V to "Paste".

In the case of detachment with obliged opening there will be also introduced length of openings for each parcel.

Both the number of parcel and owner can be omitted when introducing data.

If the remaining area of the last polyline has a value falling within the area entered for detachment minus the accuracy given by the number of decimal places of the area and the area entered for detachment, then the remaining polyline is considered detached. The accuracy given by the number of decimals of the areas, value that is set to options in the the Units Tab, is calculated as a unit with this number of decimals. In the table with the areas for multiple detachments the remaining area is no longer displayed in red if the remaining area is negative and falls within this precision, meaning the acceptance of the negative value of the remaining area. In this case, when the calculation is performed, the message of exceeding the area is no longer displayed.