• ProfLT

    Longitudinal profiles and cross sections

ProfLT is a program used in topography which offers a number of functionalities for configuration, modification, drawing and layout of the longitudinal profiles of the terrain, as well as cross sections.

The program is designed to work in AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD or GstarCAD environment in order to take advantage of the CAD application functionalities. ProfLT application allows the insertion of points from a coordinates file, and based on the codes or on the 3D model the program generates longitudinal or cross profiles.

The configuration options allow the user customization of the profile templates and saving of new templates, so all users can personalize the program depending on the their requirements.


Easy to learn and use

Easy customization

Configurable for everyone’s needs

Complete set of tools

Rich functionalities, for any kind of project


Quickly create your projects

Extended compatibility

Works with AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD and GstarCAD

Technical support

Continuous updates and fast support

Key features of ProfLT

ProfLT is compatible with AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD and GstarCAD.

Modern and friendly interface, easy to customize and integrate in your CAD application.

The program contains templates for different types of projects (roads, high voltage electrical lines, sewages, water lines) and is easy to be configured by the user.

ProfLT inserts points from a coordinate file and saves the coordinates in files.

Making longitudinal profiles using a 2D polyline or a 3D polyline, modifying the profiles, joining and previewing the profiles, fast drawing or with placement on the drawing.

Making cross profiles from a line, 2D or 3D polyline, modifying and previewing them, connecting the transversal profiles to a longitudinal profile, fast drawing or placement on the drawing.

Automations such as creating longitudinal profiles according to points codes, joining points according to points codes, creating cross profiles according to automatic points identification.

Making longitudinal and cross profiles on the 3D model. The 3D model is created with TopoLT.

Calculation of designed elevations and gradients in the longitudinal profile.

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  • Generating profiles using 2D polylines with points, 3D polylines or the 3D model.
  • Automatic generation of longitudinal and cross profiles using the point codes.
  • Automatic drawing of points from coordinate files.
  • Automatic joining of lateral points of the longitudinal profiles axis.
  • Functions for modifying profiles, for joining and disconnecting them, for recalculation of orientation and reversing the profile.
  • Predefined templates for various longitudinal and cross profile types (roads, high voltage electrical lines, sewage and water lines).
  • The possibility to save a new template for a custom transversal or cross profile.
  • The program options cover a wide variety of situations related to the profile generating and drawing modes, the profile rows can be arranged according to the job specification, the format for the sheets with the longitudinal and cross profiles can be chosen etc.
  • Preview the profiles before drawing.
  • Quick drawing of longitudinal and cross profiles.
  • Creating the page layout and arranging the profiles depending on the type of printer selected.
  • Calculating height of platfom and drawing the labels of plaform heights.
  • Exporting the profiles in specific Micropiste or SdrMap files.
  • The program is available in English and Romanian languages.

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