Command line: PrnPlan

Description: prints the plan layouts loaded in the layout in files with PDF, TIFF or BMP format

TopoLT toolbar:

Menu: TopoLT Plan layout Print in files


By applying this command, you can load and print the plan layout from one number to another in the file. Loading the plan layouts is done by applying the NrPlan command multiple times. You can find details on how to form and save VIEWS with plan layouts in the FormPlns command.


Printing to the file can be done in one of the following formats: PDF, TIFF or BMP. The PDF format is a generic one, for this format you can use any other type of print in the file, provided that the print settings are in millimeters and the print is made for the entire page.

For printing in TIFF and BMP formats, TopoLT installs the TIFF_ISO.pc3 and BMP_ISO.pc3 drivers. You can find these drivers in the directory where TopoLT is installed in the "Plotters" folder.

Printing in raster files can be done at resolutions of 300, 400 or 600 dpi (number of dots per inch).

TIFF files can be compressed. In the case of monochrome printing, the files will be converted from the color format to the black-and-white format. The conversion to black and white format is also done for BMP files.

For TIFF or BMP formats you can choose whether the saved images will be georeferenced or not. Georeferencing is done using the coordinates of the VIEW loaded in the first VIEWPORT. If you have several VIEWPORTS in the layout, select the first one assigned to the drawing with the topographic plan.

ImageClip can also be saved or not for georeferenced raster formats. ImageClip is used to hide the plan layout details in the CAD drawing. The coordinates for the ImageClip are taken from the first VIEWPORT.

If you want to create a drawing with all the saved images at the end, use the DrawGeoRef command. The images will be positioned in coordinates according to georeferencing and if they have saved ImageClip then the parts with the details of the plan layouts will be hidden.


You can find the details on how to identify objects in the drawing to complete a text in the plate during configuration in the Section Plan Layout.


Note(1): For printing in TIFF or BMP format for paper sizes A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4, printing is done on the corresponding paper type in the driver installed by TopoLT. For other paper formats, the paper name in the PDF driver must be the same as the paper name in the TIFF_ISO.pc3 or BMP_ISO.pc3 driver. The print scale calculation is done by using the formula: H(pixels) = Round(300(dpi) * H(mm) / 25.4).

Note(2): For unidentified plan layouts numbers, errors regarding their non-existence are avoided.