The new versions TopoLT 11.5, ProfLT 11.5 and TransLT 3.2 have been released

CADWARE Engineering announces the release of new versions TopoLT 11.5, ProfLT 11.5 and TransLT 3.2, developed by 3D Space. The new versions include compatibility with the latest releases of the most popular CAD applications, as well as easy license management features and updates to some functionalities. TopoLT 11.5 and ProfLT 11.5 are compatible with AutoCAD […]

Online shop for purchasing TopoLT

To facilitate the aquisition of TopoLT, TransLT and ProfLT licenses, CADWARE Engineering implemented a new online shop on website. The visitors of can order our products online and they can pay through bank transfer and online through Paypal. Paypal is an international platform for online payments, known for its ease of use and safety of […]

TransLT – new application by 3D Space and launch of new versions TopoLT 10.0 and ProfLT 10.0

CADWARE Engineering and 3D Space announce the launch of TransLT application for coordinate transformations between two coordinate systems and the launch of new versions TopoLT 10 and ProfLT 10. TransLT is designed to calculate the transformation parameters and the transformation of coordinates between two coordinates systems is a fast and practical way. The software is aimed […]

New versions 10.1 for TopoLT & ProfLT applications and new version 1.1 for TransLT!

Some of the new features introduced in ProfLT and TopoLT: Adapted to work on Windows 64 bit, AutoCAD 2010 and 2011 versions on 64 bit. In TopoLT was introduced a new command to restore the links of a parcel with its definition texts. Also in TopoLT was introduced the possibility to draw polygons, paths or […]

New versions 10.2 for TopoLT&ProfLT and new version 1.2.1 for TransLT

Some of the new features introduced in version 10.2 for ProfLT and TopoLT: The files used for configuration are also searched on the path were the program is installed; When using command PUR, if errors occur when calculating polylines areas then through redialing the command errors are avoided. Errors are determined by the way command […]

CADWARE Engineering launches international web platform

CADWARE Engineering launches web platform dedicated to users from survey, land register and land measurement fields, a natural step in promoting and distributing TopoLT application internationally. The web platform developed by CADWARE Engineering is intended for both resellers and end-users, allowing fast and friendly access to product information, learning resources, online shop and discussion […]