New versions TopoLT 15, ProfLT 15 and TransLT 15 will be available for puchase only as Subscription license

We announce that a new the version of the most popular topography, geodesy and cadastre programs in Romania has been launched: TopoLT, ProfLT and TransLT. These programs are constantly updated and optimized by their developer according to the regulations and requirements imposed by the authorities to provide users with tools that allow them to easily and quickly carry out work and at the same time have an optimal working experience.

The new versions of the programs TopoLT V15, ProfLT V15 and TransLT V15 bring a series of changes in terms of licensing method, which make them become more flexible and advantageous for users. Thus, starting this month, the TopoLT V15, ProfLT V15 and TransLT V15 programs will only be available as subscription licenses, for 1 and 3 years, and permanent licenses are no longer sold.

In this way, users will benefit from free updates throughout the subscription period, having constant access to the newest versions that will include the future legislative and technical requirements in the field and functionalities that help improve the way of working and make it faster and more efficient to realize the projects.

Free upgrade to V15

Customers who have purchased a TopoLT V14, ProfLT V14 or TransLT V14 perpetual license can upgrade to version V15 for free by converting the perpetual license to a subscription. The subscription period will be established from the date of purchase of the V14 license for 2 years in the case of a new product and 1 year in the case of an upgrade license from V12 or V13 to V14. The upgrade from version V14 to version V15 will only be granted if this period has not been exceeded. This upgrade can be done by a written request, please contact us.

Take advantage of this free upgrade until 12.01.2023. Later, as new features are added or updates are made, there will be a charge to upgrade from V14 to V15.

Upgrade from V13 toV15

Until 12.01.2023 customers who own TopoLT V13, ProfLT V13 and TransLT V5/V6 licenses can upgrade to the new V15 versions at a special price by converting permanent licenses to subscription licenses. After this date the V13/V5/V6 licenses will no longer be eligible for upgrate to the latest version. To take advantage of this offer please contact us.

Product Price (Euro without VAT)
Upgrade TopoLT from V13 to V15 350.00
Upgrade ProfLT from V13 to V15 100.00
Upgrade TransLT from V5,V6 toV15 100.00
Upgrade TopoLT V13, ProfLT V13 and TransLT V5/V6 Pack to TopoLT V15, ProfLT V15 and TransLT V15 Pack 450.00