V14 upgrade

Important Notice for V14 TopoLT, ProfLT and TransLT Customers

We hereby announce that on October 15, 2023, maintenance will be discontinued for the V14 versions of the TopoLT, ProfLT, and TransLT products. Up until this date, customers who own V14 versions can take advantage of the best offer to upgrade to the latest versions of the software.

In this way, you will have access to the most advanced version, up-to-date with legal and technical requirements in the field, and with functionalities that will help improve your workflow and expedite project completion.

If you hold a perpetual license for TopoLT V14, ProfLT V14, or TransLT V14, you can now upgrade to the current version, V15, with a 50% discount compared to the price of a new annual subscription, by converting your perpetual license into an annual subscription. To proceed with the upgrade, you will need to fill out a written request, stating your intent to relinquish the perpetual license and accept the transition to a subscription.

Subsequently, this subscription will grant you the opportunity to upgrade for free to version V16, which is set to be released shortly, as well as to any other new versions that may be launched during your one-year subscription.

Product New subscription price (euros without VAT) Price to upgrade from V14 perpetual license to V15 subscription (euros without VAT – includes free upgrades from V15 to V16)
TopoLT 425.00 212.50
ProfLT 175.00 87.50
TransLT 125.00 62.50
Bundle: TopoLT + ProfLT V13 + TransLT 600.00 300.00

WARNING! After October 15, 2023, there will be no further upgrade possibilities, and in order to use the latest version, the acquisition of a new license will be required.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact us.