TopoLT and ProfLT are now compatible with the GstarCAD platform

Good news for GstarCAD users – TopoLT and ProfLT have been updated in order to run on the GstarCAD Pro 2024 platform.

This improvement widens the compatibility of our software, which were already compatible with the newest versions of the popular platforms, AutoCAD, BricsCAD and ZWCAD.

About GstarCAD

Initially created as a budget-friendly alternative to AutoCAD, after 30 years of continuous development, GstarCAD has become a flexible, intuitive and reliable solution for creating technical drawings, both in 2D and in 3D.

GstarCAD offers a simple, easy-to-learn interface, file import functionalities, and native support for the DWG/DXF format.

The GstarCAD platform is used for design in a variety of areas, from Surveying, to Construction and Architecture, to Civil, Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

About TopoLT and ProfLT

TopoLT is a program offering tools for 2D and 3D aplications and functionalities useful for all those who design topographical or cadastral plans in digital format, who develop 3D terrain models and contours, fill and cut volumes calculation, raster image georeferencing and automatic printing. TopoLT is a complete solution for topography and cadastre projects.

ProfLT is a program used in topography which offers a number of functionalities for configuration, modification, drawing and layout of the longitudinal profiles of the terrain, as well as cross sections. ProfLT application allows the insertion of points from a coordinates file, and based on the codes or on the 3D model the program generates longitudinal or cross profiles.