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CADWARE Engineering and 3D Space are partners of the most important technical universities in Romania

CADWARE Engineering and 3D Space support technical universities in Romania by offering free educational licenses to students and teachers, creating strong partnerships with them. By developing these partnerships, the two companies contribute to the development of the next generations of students. The applications and the advantages of using them are brought to the attention at scientific seminars, but also at other profile events for the engineers to deliver quality projects in a much shorter time.

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Building the 3D model and generating contour levels

In this exercise you will generate the 3D terrain model using points with x, y and z coordinates or polylines with a certain elevation (breaklines). The interpolation method used is triangulation with linear interpolation.
For more information about this function and available options please see the Help file.
1. To complete this exercise open 5_3DModel.dwg from Example folder in TopoLT installation path (by default it is C:\Program Files\TopoLT\Examples). In this example, the 3D model will be generated from points and from polylines with a certain elevation.

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Drawing graphic entities in Google Earth

In this exercise you will draw polygons (closed polylines), paths (open polylines) and points in Google Earth using the new command Draw in Google Earth (GeDraw). The coordinates conversion is made with TransLT software (visit www.topolt.com for more information).
To draw in Google Earth you must respect the following conditions:
– Install Google Earth and TransLT on your computer (both in english). TransLT is used to create the transformation model;

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Creating views with plan layouts

In this exercise you will create views with plan layouts to help you easily load the layouts for printing. In order to form the views, first you have to draw rectangles delimiting the areas you want to print and in accordance with size page layouts.
For more information about this function please see the Help file.
To create views with plan layouts:

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Georeferencing images using TopoLT

In this exercise you will make correlations of inserted raster images in order to place them in a coordinates system.
These transformations are made by selecting one or more corresponding points between the image and the coordinate system.
The program uses several types of transformations. During the transformation you can make other changes to the images, such as: saving in other formats, trimming or changing color format.

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Joining points by code

In this exercise you will join points in the drawing by code using the command Points » Join Points by Code.
For this command to work correctly we recommend using the following attributes for point codes when performing the measurements:
START – means the beginning of a linear entity. Linear entities (polylines with or without arcs) are drawn from this attribute (for points with the same code) and until an END or another START attribute is encountered;
END – the polyline stops here;
CLOSE – the polyline stops and closes here;

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Calculate polar points

With this command you can calculate polar points coordinates with forward intersections method.
The command can be launched from the Start menu or from the CAD program. When launched from the CAD program, if a file with the same name with the .dwg file, but with .rad extension, is found then this file with measurements in TopoLT format will be automatically opened.
For more information about this function please see the Help file, Coordinates, Calculate polar points.

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Draw points from a coordinate file

In this exercise you will draw points from a coordinate file.
For more information about this function and compatible coordinate file types please see Help » Draw Points.

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Program configuration

The first step that every user has to make when they start a new project is to Configure TopoLT.
In the Configure menu there are several options to configure the program:

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